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Tattoo Cover-ups...

More and more people are choosing to get cover-up tattoos instead of just having tattoo removal treatments because of the consistency and quality which cover-up tattoos offer. 

There are three different types of cover up tattoos: complete coverage, creative reinvention, and blast overs.

The process of getting a cover up is much like any other tattoo: you find a design, talk it over with the artist and book your appointment. The real difference comes with the choice of designs you may have; depending on what you’re getting covered certain images may not fit. It’s really a matter of finding what works best with the existing tattoos lines, shapes, colors, even the area where it is placed

To satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations, we recommend they consider a cover-up tattoo, since it’s the most consistent way to make sure your old tattoo is not visible.

Age Restrictions

  • You must be of minimum age 18 to be tattooed.

  • If you are lucky enough to look under 21, you will need ID.

It is ILLEGAL to tattoo persons under 18 years of age, only scratchers and sub standard “back street” studios tattoo children. Please don’t ask us to tattoo your child.

Our Cover-up Artists 

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