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Body Waxing

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal that works by pulling the hair out from the root.

When you go for a professional waxing treatment the therapist will usually begin by heating up the wax, then using a spatula to spread it across the desired area for removal. Next, they will either leave the wax to cool before peeling it off or press a fabric strip down on top of the wax (depending on the area). At this point, the wax sticks to the hairs and is ripped away from the follicles in the opposite direction to hair growth. This usually prevents the hair from growing back for around 2-8 weeks, though it can be sooner than this depending on your individual hair growth cycle.

The beauty of waxing over most other hair removal methods is that hair grows back finer, and sometimes not at all after long term treatments. Waxing damages the hair bulb at the root, so it reduces the volume of regrowth which is good news if you’re after less visible body hair.

Unlike alternative methods such as shaving and using hair removal cream, the results you get with waxing can last for weeks. It varies from person to person but it can take up to 8 weeks for regrowth to appear which is ideal if you’re jetting off on holiday or even going travelling for a few months. After all, nobody wants to be thinking about hair removal all the time when there’s fun to be had.

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