Our Mission

What we want is for you to tell your story. We want you to be able to express yourself, your personality through your body, whether that be piercings, tattoos or micro blading.

At Clin-Ink we give the process of getting a tattoo the focus and attention it deserves by making it an experience. Our expert artists create, in collaboration with yourself, stunning imagery that enhances exactly what you choose. From simple designs to complex motifs, these incredibly talented individuals exclusive to our studios will ensure your satisfaction with the resulting art.

We hope you see the difference in what we do. For us it’s about standards and your happiness. We realise this is potentially a once in a lifetime achievement, and we will guarantee you the results you hope for when you walk through our door.

THE team

All of our Tattooists are licensed  with Milton Keynes Council.



Professional tattoo artist 

Hey guys. My name is Billie brown and I absolutely love all things creative art and obviously tattoos. I take huge pride in my work. I have always had a passion for art since a child which grew into a passion for tattoos as I grew older. I left my job of 5 years of being a paramedic for the ambulance service to join clinink 77 and start my apprenticeship at the end of 2020. 2021 has been a amazing year with Iv had the chance to try all styles of tattoo from linework , colour , realism , neo traditional, script and my fav mandalas and geo. I take huge pride in customer satisfaction and giving them exactly what they want through there whole tattoo experience. I am to get better and better with each tattoo growing my skills set so not to get stuck in one lane and constantly be the version of my self. Thanks for reading guys.  Can’t wait to meet you.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional Tattoo Artist

I Started Working at Clin-ink 77 in January 2019 part time, working there full time from December 2020. It's amazing working at Clin-ink, such a talented team and there's always a great vibe in the shop. 

Tattoos and art are a huge passion of mine and i always put my everything into my work. I love working with other peoples ideas and bringing them to life. I also create wall art to make a boring wall stand out, my latest project is in the shop! 

My favourite work is black and grey, portraits and realism. I have my own unique style which i love incorporating into designs to make them completely original. 


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Coucil



Black and Grey Tattoo Artist

Siren is an international Latino inspired Black and Grey tattoo artist who came up foremostly as a graffiti artist. Siren naturally evolved his work and when he went on a solo world graffiti tour and ended up living and first established himself as a tattoo artist in South America.  He has worked predominately since from his last studio in South London ‘Siren Ink’. Siren has 14 years of experience and always seeks to take a fresh approach for every custom piece, so as to surpass his clients expectations. Siren is a great choice for those who prefer fine line black and grey work or script styles.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Coucil



Professional Body Piercer

Professional qualified body piercer. I had always been interested in tattoos and piercings unfortunately my artist skill are very poor but luckily worked out perfect for me as I realised piercings are definitely my passion!

I am obsessively hygienic with my room and equipment. I use single use equipment and titanium jewellery for all piercings, with extensive aftercare advice and support for all clients.

I offer a calm, friendly and easy going environment I will always take the time to talk with my clients to reassure and calm them. Ear lobe piercings are from 7 years and are done with a needle one ear at a time. I have children of my own so know it’s a nervous time for child and parent so I never rush take my time to talk with you both making sure everyone is happy and of course a sticker and sweet for an after reward.

I’m grateful daily I get to do what I love and I get to do it in shop with great artists, relaxed atmosphere and with great clients.


Fully Licensed Professional Body Piercer with Milton Keynes Council

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Professional tattoo artist and a professional 6D microblading artist

I started my tattoo apprenticeship part time whilst studying Architecture in South Africa in 2016. I then completed my studies and pursued my career as a tattoo artist and slowly opened up my own tattoo studio part time along side Architecture. 

I opened up my tattoo shop full time at the end of 2018 and completed a course in permanent makeup and became a 6D microblading artist alongside being a tattoo artist. I then decided to leave South Africa and move to the UK in 2021. 

I love any form of art and that’s what drove my passion in tattooing. I have been an artist for longer than I can remember and as a tattoo artist I came to love realism, fine line work and black work. I love creating my own designs that are unique and capture each clients personality.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional tattoo artist 

Phil James.    Hey guys I’m Phil. Iv been tattooing for 15 years owning various studios over the years. I’m confident and fully capable in all styles. I pride my self in strong line work and neo traditional work. I’m very easy going and get along with all people. Look forward to getting you in the chair soon.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional Tattoo Artist

Hey guys I’m Attila. I have been tattooing for 10 years now all round the world and I also own a tattoo studio in Europe. I have been at clin-Ink 77 for the past 3 years now. I have stayed so long because the shop has such great vibe, I love the team and have a passion for art and visioning a tattoo in my mind and then making the magic happen.

I can adapt to any style of tattoo, colour, realism, black and grey. My speciality is black and grey realism, designing sleeves etc. I have a love for all things dark and goth as well as all the other styles I offer.

I am multilingual and will make you feel at ease straight away with my cheesy sense of humour. I like to get stuck in and get the tattoo done, all my customers comment on my gentleness and efficiency.

Have a look at my gallery and hopefully ill see you soon!


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional piercer and tattoo artist 

I have been piercing and tattooing for 10 years now. I enjoy creating a variety of custom designs for my clients, both in back and grey as well as colour. I love being part of the 77 team because we always make sure our clients feel comfortable and happy. I also feel really privileged to work with such a talented group of artists.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer with Milton Keynes Council



Professional Tattoo Artist

Hi! My name is Carly and I’ve been a tattoo artist for about 6 years now.  I have studied a variety of styles and my favourite are colour/black & grey realism, fine line work and black work. I have recently been pushing my realism, especially animals!  I am the happiest when I’m tattooing anything animal or nature related, I have a lot of pets and a total animal lover.  All my tattoos are custom, I take pride in creating something totally unique for each and every client, that way it’s always completely your own and contains your own meanings and symbolism.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional Tattoo Artist

I began my tattoo apprenticeship in December 2018 with the incredible artists at Clin-Ink77. It has been such an amazing journey and I’ve loved every minute of it.

My favourite style to tattoo is dotwork / black work. I’m a huge lover or anything strange and unusual. My personal style is quite illustrative with dark/nature themes

However I am open to any ideas. I love a challenge and I’m always striving to improve , better myself as an artist and try new styles.

Everything I tattoo is a custom piece, hand drawn by myself. I love working with your ideas and bringing them to life.


Fully Licensed Professional Tattoo Artist with Milton Keynes Council



Professional Micro Blader

My name is Emma and I am a single mother to Penelope who is 2 years old, and my driving force in everything I do.

I have been in the beauty industry now for over 8 years and have always thrived to learn new skills, but to also perfect them before moving into something new. I’m constantly looking to broaden my knowledge in all of the treatments I offer, I am always researching the best products to use and I pride myself on doing the absolute best for every client who walks through my doors.

I am fully qualified and insured for all of the treatments I carry out, and I work from an extremely clean & clinical studio which is based inside of  Clin-Ink 77 where I am available 4 days of the week and two evenings. 



Professional Barber

I have a reputation as being the one of the best barbers in Milton Keynes and have one many awards over the years. I constantly strive to be the best barber I can be.


Meet the owner 


Owner of Clin-ink 77.

I have a passion for tattoos and have been getting tattooed at Clin-Ink 77 for 9 years before I become the owner. At which time I wanted to change the feel of the shop to make it welcoming to all and change the dynamics by bringing in the best artists I could find globally.


The reason I chose to rename the shop to Clin-Ink 77 is because I wanted to incorporate a clinic style of mentality to the studio which has definitely been achieved.